First impressions count! Even at the youngest of ages. And they are made almost immediately you meet someone. So help your child achieve that bright healthy smile by following the guidelines below. 

1. Start young. Take your child to see the dentist by the time they have reached their first birthday. As soon as your child's first tooth comes through, brush their teeth every day, and ensure you follow your dentist's recommendations for regular follow-up appointments. Your dentist will be able to monitor that everything is developing as it should be, and to ensure your child's teeth are well looked after.

2. Brush regularly ;  Set the example for your child by brushing your own teeth regularly. Brush last thing at night, and at least once more during the day with a fluoride toothpaste, and supervise your children until they can be trusted to brush their teeth correctly for two minutes each time.

3. Choose a fluoride toothpaste:   The flavour of the toothpaste doesn't matter! Allow your child to choose one they would like. Just ensure the paste contains the correct amount of fluoride: 

4.  Pack tooth-friendly lunchboxes : Sugary foods are best avoided! choose raw vegetables, breadsticks and cheese. While fruit juices sound like a good healthy option, always check the label. Naturally occurring fruit sugars can increase the risk of tooth decay.

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