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Today is World Parkinson’s Day 2018

Today is World Parkinson’s Day 2018   What is Parkinson’s?   Parkinson’s is a progressive neurological condition. This means that it causes problems in the brain and ge [...]

11 April 2018 10:31

A big thank you to Debbie.

 Staff Appreciation Award   We just wanted to say a big thank you to Debbie. She is a great team player….. braving the snow to work her day off.   Thank you, [...]

04 April 2018 03:13

5 Nutrition Tips For A Healthy Mouth

5 Nutrition Tips For A Healthy Mouth Spring is here and we are all starting to think about getting ready for those summer months, this blog looks at multi tasking... whats good for our bodys is also [...]

03 April 2018 03:40

Have a Healthier Easter This Year !

Have a Healthier Easter This Year ! The Easter Bunny is the bearer of all things sweet, delicious, and right with the world. But this Easter doesn’t have to induce the same sugar high as Hall [...]

27 March 2018 09:59

The Practice will be closed for the Easter Holidays

Polite Notice : Dear patients we will be closed over the Easter Period.   We will not be open on: Saturday the 31st of March 2018 Should you have a dental problem, please phone the practic [...]

19 March 2018 11:47

5 Reasons To Clean Your Tongue Daily

5 Reasons To Clean Your Tongue Daily When we sleep our body rests, but our digestive system remains awake. During the night, it removes toxins from our body by depositing them onto the surface of our [...]

06 March 2018 11:28

Sorry we will be closed on the following dates Friday the 2nd and Saturday the 3rd of March 2018.

 Polite Notice………    Due to adverse weather conditions Ernevale House will be closed on: Friday the 2nd of March 2018   Saturday the 3rd of March 2018 [...]

01 March 2018 11:29

Your medical History……………. Why it’s important to Us

Your medical History……………. Why it’s important to Us  You will need to tell us if you have a medical condition?   When you have your first dental [...]

27 February 2018 03:32

5 Healthy Snack Ideas

5 Healthy Snack Ideas       You’re at your desk at 3pm and start to feel peckish. The easiest option would be to grab a slice of cake from your colleague’s birthday ye [...]

20 February 2018 11:45

Tomorrow is Valentines Days ....................................

Tomorrow is Valentines Day............................ Love is is the air  Valentine’s Day, also called Saint Valentine’s Day or the Feast of Saint Valenti [...]

13 February 2018 11:18

Its Pancake Day also known as Shrove Tuesday.

Pancake Day 2018: How to make perfect pancake batter. Pancake day 2018, also known as Shrove Tuesday, is on Tuesday 13 February this year, and you will be keen to get the right batter recipe for yo [...]

12 February 2018 11:38

Today is Safer Internet Day 2018

Today is Safer Internet Day 2018 ! Create, Connect and Share Respect A better internet starts with you Did you know that today is the Safer Internet Day 2018 and this will be celebrated glob [...]

06 February 2018 12:26

Protecting your child's teeth

Protecting your child's teeth Establishing good eating habits by limiting sugary snacks and drinks can help your child avoid tooth decay. Regular visits to the dentist at an early age should [...]

06 February 2018 11:37

Brush your teeth with fluoride toothpaste twice a day for 2 minutes to help keep your teeth and mouth healthy.

Brush your teeth with fluoride toothpaste twice a day for 2 minutes to help keep your teeth and mouth healthy.   Plaque is a film of bacteria that coats your teeth if y [...]

30 January 2018 11:35

My Dental-care app

We love this new app: check it out, it’s a great source of information My Dental-care app (click to link to the app)  My Dental Care – is a dental educational app to teach yo [...]

22 January 2018 01:59

Gum Disease……………. Continued Bad Breath................

Gum disease is a very common condition where the gums become swollen, sore or infected. Most adults in the UK have gum disease to some degree and most people experience it [...]

22 January 2018 12:54

Good dental hygiene and gum health is the foundation of all healthy mouths.

Good dental hygiene and gum health is the foundation of all healthy mouths. This blog highlights some very good reasons for you to book your next appointment with your hygienist. To Prevent Gu [...]

18 January 2018 03:19

Blue Monday.................. Beating the Blues

Blue Monday................................ Today, 15th  January, is apparently Blue Monday , due to a mixture of bad weather, debt, time since Christmas, time since failing in our ne [...]

15 January 2018 02:20

Happy New Year to you all......

Happy New Year to you all...................................    New Year Resolutions. The beginning of the year sparks a magical motivation in the air, where everyone is trying to bet [...]

08 January 2018 04:16

Happy Christmas to all our lovely customers

Happy Christmas to you all  To all our customers…… we would like to wish you a very Peaceful, Merry Christmas And A Happy and Prosperous New Year for 2018 From all the staff [...]

18 December 2017 11:48

Facts About Smiling That You May Not Know

Facts About Smiling That You May Not Know      Fact 1 – Smiling is our first facial expression Babies are born with the ability to smile. However, most doctors believ [...]

11 December 2017 10:37

Congratulations to all the team at Ernevale House

Congratulations to all the team at Ernevale House We recently told you about our Care Quality Commission inspection. We are very pleased to tell you that we had a great inspection, and we p [...]

05 December 2017 12:22

Christmas Opening Times

  Christmas Opening Times   Monday the 18th               9am-5.00pm Tuesday the 19th      & [...]

04 December 2017 09:42

Five Things That Are Staining Your Teeth

Five things that are staining your teeth!   We all want beautiful bright, white smiles, right? A smile can boost your self-confidence and it can take years off your appearance. While we o [...]

27 November 2017 11:08

Don’t forget November is mouth cancer awareness month

November is Mouth Cancer Awareness Month  Don’t forget November is mouth cancer awareness month.   Your dentist will provide you with full screening as part of your general dental [...]

14 November 2017 10:03

Christmas Gift Ideas...........

Chritmas Gift Ideas!!       What to buy someone who has everything? Ho Ho Ho!  Only Six Mondays Left until Christmas Day !  It’s that usually dilemma…&hel [...]

08 November 2017 09:49

Staff Appreciation Award November 2017: Gemma Massingham

Well Done Gemma .......    Staff appreciation certificate has been awarded to you, for November 2017 You will all recognise Gemma, she is one of our front of house team.  Not onl [...]

07 November 2017 12:12

Exert from Article The Power of Three: Written By Trudie Dawson Published in Dental Nursing Journal.

    The power of Three Exert from an Article written for the Dental Nursing Journal Published in October 2016. The Article was written by Trudie Dawson Ernevale House, Practice Manage [...]

07 November 2017 11:56

Tooth Fairy Traditions from around the World

                                                        &n [...]

06 November 2017 10:54

November is Mouth Cancer Awareness Month

 Mouth Cancer Awareness Month 2017 Blue Smiles all Round......... Raising Awareness     What is Mouth cancer? Most people have heard of cancer affecting parts of t [...]

01 November 2017 10:32


HALLOWEEN.....................................  It's that time of year  again! The kids (and some adults!) are deciding on their costumes, Halloween candy is everywhere, everything is p [...]

31 October 2017 09:40

Care Quality Commission Inspection

  Care Quality Commission Inspection  We are currently working very hard to prepare for our scheduled visit from the Care Quality Commission (CQC). One of the things they ask for is feedb [...]

17 October 2017 01:05

Staff Appreciation Award

     At Ernevale House Dentistry we like to make sure our team know we appreciate all their enthusiasm and hard work. We are a great team, and we vote anonymously for a team member who [...]

09 October 2017 01:30

A little early Christmas present from Ernevale House Dentistry :)

Would you like to have a wonderful white smile for all those Christmas Parties!  Teeth Whitening Normally this procedure costs £390.00...................... Fo [...]

04 October 2017 10:34

Are any of your taking the: Go Sober For October challenge?

Are any of your taking the:  Go Sober For October challenge? We would love to hear from you if you are , please feel free to contact us on Facebook and let us hear of your success! We all k [...]

02 October 2017 08:46

Denplan......A great way to Budget for your dental treatment

Denplan......A great way to Budget for your dental treatment  Did you know ………. we offer our patients the chance to sign up to Denplan This is an easy way to budget for y [...]

25 September 2017 01:15

4 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Skip Your Dental Check Up

4 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Skip Your Dental Check Up Other than people who have regular dental issues, many people tend to skip the 6-month check up, as they may think that their oral heal [...]

18 September 2017 02:34

Dental Facts and myths. Interesting and crazy things you may not know!

Dental Facts and myths. Interesting and crazy things you may not know! Tooth enamel is the hardest substance in the human body; however, we do not recommend you chew pencils or use your teeth [...]

11 September 2017 02:41

Notice: we are having a bit of work done!

Great News! We are having air conditioning put in to two of our surgeries today and tomorrow........ this will be fabulous for all next summer. No more baking in the heat  We will also [...]

07 September 2017 09:18
6 simple tips that will improve your oral health............

6 simple tips that will improve your oral health............

  Welcome to our Blog, we hope you will find it informative, interesting and hopefully Fun!    Here are 6 simples ways to improve your oral health …..  We all have our de [...]

05 September 2017 02:17


We at Ernevale House Dentistry intend to keep our patients informed of what is happening in the field of Dentistry, what is happening within the practice, any special offers being offered by the pract [...]

24 November 2016 07:02